ZKP: The Card Game

Zombie Killer Pizza: The Card Game is our top project right now. It is a competitive card game where players take on the roles of drivers at ZKP. Drivers compete against each other for deliveries, and then have to fight the zombie horde and local gangs to get their deliveries safely made in time.

The game mechanics encourage (or force) interaction between the players as much as possible. Players will have to decide virtually every round whether they want to hinder or assist other drivers. While luck plays a role, skill in manipulating your fellow players and knowing when and how to interfere are what will let a player drive to victory.

Each round, drivers must attempt to make their deliveries, facing the zombie horde. Every run is guaranteed to have zombies on it, and a chance for special encounters against more powerful zombies or one of the local gangs who control various neighborhoods. Drivers have equipment and single use cards to help them fight past these dangers and safely deliver their pizzas, earning a tip (and possibly extra gear) as their reward. Drivers may also bribe other players to help them on a particularly difficult run, or they may be hampered by other drivers who want to see them fail.

In the end, all drivers are trying to earn a big enough stash to buy the store and escape the dangers of being on the road, with the added bonus of being able to torment all of their former co-workers now that they’re the boss.

Do you have what it takes to sling pizzas and slice zombies on your way to the top of the pie?

The prototype of the game was finished a few weeks ago and we’ve begun playtesting it, trying to achieve a better balance and flow to the game. We’re also experimenting with several rules, including multiple end game scenarios and various punishments for failing to make deliveries. I’m also trying to develop some alternative rule sets outside of the core game. I’m most intrigued in developing a co-op mode in which drivers all work together to save the store, though this is taking a back seat to making sure the core game is fun and well balanced.

4 Responses to “ZKP: The Card Game”

  1. mikey141414 says:

    Great idea!! I am in need of a new card game to bring to parties. Another suggestion: I like the co-op mode idea, but perhaps it could have a co-pilot scenario? There are many times where a person doesn’t want to play their own hand but just wants to “watch” or “partner” with someone. Just an idea…


    • Mikey, thanks for the comment! I’ve got several alternative mechanics I’m playing with right now, but the big focus is getting the core mechanics working well, after that I’ll look at additional or alternative rules.

  2. Eric says:

    I’d suggest keeping the co-op mechanic out of the original game design. It’s always better to be really good at one thing than pretty good at multiple things. After you knock the main game mechanic out of the park, you could always come up with an expansion pack with modified rules for co-op.

    • It’s definitely not a focus right now, but I’m also keeping myself open to variations as I’m not married to any of the mechanics yet. The absolute primary goal is to make the game as fun as possible, and basically whatever comes out of playtesting that seems to be the most fun is what will get further developed and tweaked.

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