Who works here?

Welcome to the employee page of Zombie Killer Pizza! Here you can learn a little bit more about the villainous scum who drag themselves out of the gutter to keep the pizzas flowing and the zombies dead…errr….more dead.

The Head Driver, aka Courtney Farr – That’s me. I train all the new drivers, beat the cooks into submission and make sure the gimp stays locked in the cooler.

The Head Cook, aka The Lady – The lady is my lovely partner in life. When I don’t beat the cooks, she does.

The lady and are are partners in this, as in all things. She handles the artwork for ZKP and assists me in game design and testing, plus reviews pretty much everything I make or think of for this project. I produce all the content for the site and design the majority of the game. Besides ZKP, we also run a small business focusing on keeping older laptops running, CKC Computers. My personal blog, Shoestring Theory, is where I document all sorts of stuff, from running our business to remodeling our house.

I would love to hear what you think about the idea, the size, zombies, pizza and pretty much anything else. Please feel free to drop me a line at courtneyfarr (at) gmail dawt com (address symbols replaced to try and dodge spam bots).

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