What is ZKP?

Zombie Killer Pizza is the last pizza joint on earth. Its drivers deliver pizza, ammo, booze and hope to the surviving residents of Lawrence, Kan., the former home of the University of Kansas. They also freelance as zombie police, taking out zombies while on their deliveries.

ZKP has been floating around in my head for about seven years now. It came out of a rather bizarre discussion with my friend Steve while we were on study abroad in Costa Rica. I’ve tried working in the world off and on since I came up with the idea, but until the last few months, I was never satisfied with how the various projects were developing. It’s spawned a few short stories, some artwork, several attempted comics and now a card game. The game is what brought everything together. I’ve wanted to try game design in some form for years, and with ZKP I believe we have a great world to play in.

The game is our top priority right now, though I anticipate that some of the fiction and artwork will appear on the site over time. It’s a competitive card game where players take on the roles of drivers at ZKP, fighting eachother for deliveries and fighting the zombies to actually make the deliveries. For more information, see the game page for details.

February 14, 2010 | Comments Closed