A zombie survivor’s flow chart

It’s hard to know whether or not you’ll survive the zombie apocalypse, particularly when there are so many choices to make day-to-day and hour-to-hour. Thankfully Game Informer put together an easy to use flow chart to help you survive.

Yeah, this is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen this morning, thanks Casey!

First Concept Art: Zombie Dog

So the lady is completely new to drawing zombies and the undead. While she’s a skilled artist in a wide variety of mediums, she didn’t find a love of the undead until she spent too much time around me. But she’s learning and developing a style quickly. She started with some zombie animals first, as she felt more comfortable with the results of zombifying them and has been moving on towards humans. She’s also just started to use a Wacom tablet, so it’s definitely a learning process for her.

Anyway, this is one of her earlier dog zombies.

Welcome to The Daily Zombie

The Daily Zombie is the official blog of ZKP. Here I’ll post developments on the game, concept art, interesting zombie related items and general thoughts about the process of creating a card game. I’ll also be introducing you to the various gangs, drivers and bits of history associated with the world of ZKP. I don’t anticipate updating this daily, probably more like weekly for now. As the development of the game progresses and we near production, there should be more content going up.